Words cannot express the gratitude we feel towards our friends and colleagues in Alabama from the Red Barn Foundation. On Friday March 8th, The Club, Inc. was the setting for a wonderful fundraising luncheon that benefited the The JAYC Foundation and The Red Barn. (https://theredbarn.org/)

Guest speakers included Jaycee Dugard, Dr Rebecca Bailey and Beth Holloway (whose daughter disappeared and assumed murdered in Aruba) who spoke on the topic “What Horses Have Taught Us”.

Founder Jaycee felt so honored to have been a part of this event and shared what horses have brought into her life since her recovery from abduction. She has experienced this both in therapy and in the daily gift the presence of her horses have in her life.

A BIG thank you goes to The Red Barn for sharing this fundraiser with us. Thank you to all who bought tickets and to all the sponsors that helped make this happen. Thank you to all the staff who worked so tirelessly! We would love to return the favor in California one day!

The JAYC Foundation and The Red Barn also collaborated to create a new educational video “Horse Sense” on Communication and Mental Health Disorders in Children Involved With The Law. The project was made possible by a grant from the American Legion Child Welfare Foundation. “Horse Sense” is a unique program funded by the American Legion’s Child Welfare Foundation and will eventually be offered at select barns across the country.

In order to view the new educational video please use the following link: