Our Mission: To be of service to individuals and families that have experienced a severe crisis, challenge or conflict through a major life disruption; to spread the message of hope, growth and resiliency through experiential and educational animal-assisted programs; to encourage the collaboration of various entities to provide “Protected Spaces” for families and individuals to heal.

Creating Protected Spaces

All the programs and activities of The JAYC Foundation have the basic premise of Creating Protected Spaces: For Children and Families in Transition. The healing process for families after trauma requires that all entities have a sense of a multi-disciplinary/multi-agency approach to helping families in recovery. Protected spaces are places where victims and families can feel safe to heal post trauma… safe emotionally, safe physically, and safe from intrusive entities that can unknowingly cause further harm.

Compassion Fatigue

The road home can be lonely

Those of you who help children/family victims in the aftermath of their trauma and through the recovery process are high risk for compassion fatigue.

Below is an interactive version of The JAYC Foundation’s Creating Protected Spaces booklet that we have created and distributed countrywide. A PDF version is also available for download or you can request a free box of printed booklets mailed to your location.