About Us

Jaycee Lee Dugard

Founder of The JAYC Foundation, Inc.

In 1991, I was abducted walking to the school bus. I was 11-years-old. When I was recovered from my captors eighteen years later, my family needed help reconnecting. The process required an extensive, multi-disciplinary approach to get through a very difficult transition in our lives. We needed protection, expertise, support, and the ability to make choices as we started our healing journey. I believe that families who survive major life traumas need and deserve the kind of support we received. Because of this belief my family has formed The JAYC Foundation.

The JAYC Foundation, Inc.

The Foundation’s message is “Just Ask Yourself To Care”. Our mission is: to be of service to families and individuals that have experienced a severe crisis, challenge or conflict through a major life disruption; to spread the message of hope, growth and resiliency through educational and animal-assisted programs; to encourage the collaboration of various entities to provide “Protected Spaces” for families to heal. We believe that families heal best from within, but they need assistance to accomplish this. We connect families to support and services they need in order to recover from the abduction or other traumatic events and in many cases provide the funding for these services. Our funding comes through private donations and sales from our website store. We also serve families who have lost a member in service to our country, who are reconnecting after a separation caused by military deployment, or who have experienced a loss after military post traumatic suicide.

The JAYC Foundation provides services by utilizing treatment programs that focus on healing through traditional therapy along with animal therapy, equine therapy, and other experiential therapies. This comprehensive approach brings families together with treatment programs designed specifically for them and their unique circumstances. We also offer training to Law Enforcement Officers so others can learn from our experience. We have been asked and are happy to present our ideas to groups of interested agencies and professionals countrywide.