During our many journeys to Kansas City for our LEO Program, we have enjoyed the hospitality of partnering with the Kansas City Mounted Patrol. We had the pleasure of meeting and working with many of the KCMP horses and their human partners. Each horse we have met is unique, well suited to their profession and we love them all. One in particular, holds a special place in our hearts for his lovable personality. His name is O’Sullivan, or Sully for short. Sully is named after fallen officer John S. O’Sullivan and, like a few others in the barn, honors fallen officers with their services to the force. Officer Jake Emig and Sully have been partners for the last two years and have become the best of friends.

On January 18th, 2017, our Foundation founder Jaycee Dugard, and Dr. Rebecca Bailey traveled to witness and be a part of Sully’s retirement ceremony. We wanted to say our good byes to our friend Sully as he said his goodbye to his many friends at the KCMP. He is be retired at the Kitty Hawk Ranch a short distance away. We were happy to learn that his partner Jake will make frequent visits to give Sully his favorite carrot treats and continue his friendship with him. Many others were gathered to give their thanks and say goodbye to a horse that is the jokester of the barn. Among those present was the daughter of Sully’s namesake, Officer O’Sullivan. Sully was presented with an oat and molasses carrot cake, which he had no trouble eating in front of all his guests. The JAYC Foundation thanks the KCMP for the invitation to this event, as we look forward to following Sully @sullykcpd, and seeing many more of his adventures at his new home.
We are deeply honored by our association with this outstanding Division of the Kansas City Police Department.