The JAYC Foundation is excited to announce our collaboration with “Stable Paths” in Miami, Florida. Through this connection the Foundation will be able to reach more families! The JAYC Foundation has always believed in and utilized the Transitioning Families model used in California for reunification and educational programs. “Stable Paths” was created using the Transitioning Families model and will use the same methodology. We are currently active in the designing process, equine and staff selection. We will have the use of a beautiful barn called “Whispering Manes” fifteen minutes from downtown Miami.

This November there will be a fundraiser for the JAYC Foundation and Whispering Manes ( barn to raise money for the Florida JAYC Foundation program. Funds will be designated for Florida families and educational programs. An exciting component of the Florida program that is not offered in California will be a day with the dolphins at Island Dolphin Care in Key Largo. The team had a chance to experience this first hand and were delighted to see such similarities in the dolphin and horse world. Just like humans, dolphins and horses have families, and the dynamics that come up mirror those of the human experience. Dolphins also have an innate sense of fun that is very important to the recovery process. We expect this experience to enhance what we already offer to recovering families. Welcome to the team “Stable Paths”. ( We look forward to joining with you in helping families heal.