In April 2016, the JAYC Team again partnered with the Kansas City Police Department Mounted Patrol in Kansas City to conduct two Law Enforcement Officer Workshops. The attendees of these workshops were cadets enrolled in the Law Enforcement Academy at Missouri Western State University, as well as veteran officers. Training from the Foundation included Dr. Rebecca Bailey, Cynthia Psaila, Margie MacDonald, and Jaycee Dugard. The participation from cadets and officers was active and enthusiastic. As this was the first time that Jaycee participated in a LEO training with the Mounted Patrol she was thrilled to see firsthand that what we learned and can teach from her case really can make a difference.

Following the LEO workshops, the JAYC Foundation participated again in the Missouri Western State University Annual Conference for Child Abuse Education, Prevention, and Investigation. Representatives from the Foundation were Rebecca Bailey, Ph.D. and Cynthia Psaila, LMFT. They were joined by an abuse survivor who had previously received services from the Foundation. One presentation was open to the public, entitled “Moving Forward and the Need for Community Services”. It is a tremendous challenge for survivors (of sexual and other high profile crime) to find sanctuaries in their communities. The therapist’s office is only good for a short time once week. A healthy recovery requires collaboration and communication between all agencies and professionals involved. This presentation elaborated on and provided guidance about how to provide a protected healing space for survivors. The second presentation was a breakout session entitled “Managing the Stress of Complex Cases”. For most of us in the helping professions the complexities of today’s multi-faceted cases can lead to sleepless nights and high levels of stress and anxiety. Even the most seasoned professional needs a reminder about self-care and the importance of acknowledging limitations. This presentation was intended to educate and encourage a proactive response to vicarious traumatization. Below is a letter from an Associate Professor at the University Academy.

“I would like to thank everyone from the JAYC Foundation for the incredible support for the Child Abuse Education, Prevention and Investigation Conference again this year. The comments I have received from those in attendance have been very favorable. In addition, I would like to also thank everyone for the LEO Training provided to both the Law Enforcement Academy Cadets as well as the veteran officers. So much of law enforcement training focuses on the legal and technical aspect of the profession. Training for the behavior and awareness component of policing is also provided, but many times this training is not considered as valuable, or is presented in a manner not well received by experienced officers. The interactive approach utilized by the JAYC Foundation does an outstanding job of presenting the material so that those in attendance experience the training, as opposed to just receiving the training. Though the experience, those in attendance walk away with a much better understanding. As someone that has several years experience as both a police officer and police trainer, it is my opinion that this unique approach provides an excellent venue for delivering this type of training. After the training, I was a approached by some veteran officers with very positive comments about the training, with one officer stating: “It was the best training he had received in twenty years”. Thanks again for everything you do and I hope to have the opportunity to participate in this training again. I would highly recommend the LEO training to veteran officers, if for no other reason than to renew their appreciation of their profession.”

Kip Wilson,
Associate Professor Department of Criminal Justice, Legal Studies, & Social Work
Director of the Missouri Western State University Regional Law Enforcement Academy