On September 6-7 the JAYC Team traveled to Guntersville, Alabama to deliver two one day workshops in the Law Enforcement Officer program. We were hosted by Hope Springs Counseling, (http://hopespringscounseling.net) and assisted by Leah Lucas, LCSW and Lindsay Taylor, LMFT of that program and Alexis Braswell from the Red Barn in Leeds, AL (http://theredbarn.org). The workshops were held at Chalakee Ranch, whose owner Anita Duncan was a gracious hostess.



The participants of these two workshops included mental health professionals, judges, and law enforcement officers. As usual, the workshops were not designed to be “therapy” but were “therapeutic” in nature. Past participants have expressed that they gained a better understanding of themselves and in so doing became more conscious while on the job. Again, focus is on: • Awareness • Critical Thinking • Cooperation • Safety • Attitude, Communication, Situational Awareness and Thoroughness. Participants of these workshops also appreciated the unique approach to teaching. We received enthusiastic “excellent” scores on the post workshop survey, with participants stating that the workshop was highly relevant to their work. Specific comments included emphasis on “communication and teamwork”, “listen to your instincts”, “wonderful blend of humor, sad realities, and inspiration”, emphasis on helping clients/victims find their voice rather than rushing in and solving problems for them, “examining situations from all possible avenues”, and remembering the importance of self-care and teamwork.