As you can read in previous posts, The JAYC Foundation had a great year in 2015. Jaycee Dugard has started her own public speaking on various topics, including appearances at Harvard University Medical, Yale University, and Missouri Western State University. She also spoke at the American Legion National Convention in Baltimore, where she presented the project “Creating Protected Spaces” that had been made possible by the grant from the Child Welfare Foundation of the Legion. We are proud of her new speaking engagements and are pleased that her new website is now operating with the videos that were also funded by this grant. Please check out all videos on the site. The JAYC Foundation also had a presence at the American Legion Regional Conference in Orlando, Florida, and at the AFCC Conference in New Orleans. Keep an eye out for our booths at future AFCC conferences. We are pleased that five separate families suffering from severe trauma or separation were able to receive services through the Foundation this year. The more funding we receive, the more families can be served. 100% percent of donations goes towards the support and treatment of these families. On January 1, 2016, the Foundation celebrated the coming year in its’ usual fashion by making vegetable figures and animals at a New Year celebration.